The Pom Pom Fringe!


The Pom Pom Fringe caught me off guard!

Imagine my surprise when I was getting ready to place an order for our Spring/ Summer Collection when I see Pom poms everywhere. I must admit I did see the floral trend coming before the Spring hit but the Pom Pom fringe caught me off guard. Not only were these little colorful balls hanging from the sleeves of tops and dresses but they were adorning shoes as well. At first I thought it was a little kiddish but after reviewing several pieces I realized that the trend was not kiddish. Instead it was fun and playful! Face it , we all need a little fun in our lives! So we placed our order and we have Pom poms and fringes in stock now! Have you noticed the Pom Pom fringe trend yet? If not stay tuned! Below we have our newest arrivals of the fun style for you to view. Head on over to today to get yours!


Stay Beutiful!


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