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Don’t Count The Florals Out!

You may be surprised to know that Floral Prints are sticking around for fall! Usually when you think of floral prints, most people think of spring when the flowers are just blooming and summer when blooms are at their peak. Floral prints made such a huge impact on fashion this Spring/Summer that the trend is looking to head right on into 2018! Personally I love floral prints so I am not upset about this at all. Lets take a look at some of the styles that you may see this fall. You can find these items on our website at http://www.AmyRey.com or by clicking on the shop now button found on this blog.

The Paradise Awaits Me Maxi Dress


This long sleeve floral print maxi dress has been a really great seller for Amy Rey! You simply can’t go wrong with a maxi dress and this style is so elegant! It is available in plus sizes 1X 2X and 3X for only $29.99 You can get this beautiful dress here!


Love Lust Floral Dress


Oh how we love this dress! Let me tell you why! The striped sleeves paired with the floral print gives this dress a unique and trendy style! It has a cute small crisscross neckline but the best thing are the handy dandy pockets! It’ s the perfect length and is so roomy and comfy! One of our fav’s for sure! It is available in sizes 1X 2X & 3X for only $29.99! You can get this dress is here!


Pick a Petal Dress

ResizeImageFilter (25)1

When I think of this dress I think of walking in a garden! The off the shoulder style is so sexy and elegant but the thing that we love most is the bold floral print! This dress is perfect for a wedding or special event! It’s available in size 1X 2X & 3X for a mere $29.99! You can get this fab dress here!

Sweet Garden Melody Tunic Dress

ResizeImageFilter (49)

How cute is this one guys! The colors on this dress is so adorable but the thing that we love most are the cut out arms which makes this dress so cute and special! This one is going to be really cute paired up with leggings and boots for the fall/winter! It’s available in plus sizes 1X 2X & 3X for only $29.99! You can get this cutie patootie right here!

This is just a snippet of some of out floral prints at Amy Rey! We have many more and we get in new items every week so be sure to bookmark us and keep checking back! What are your thoughts on the floral trend? Do you like any of these items? Let us know by commenting!

Stay Beautiful!

Amy Rey






Fall Trends For 2017

It is time for the kiddos to get back in school which means fall is right around the corner! Most stores have already started rolling out their fall collection. Fall just happens to be my favorite time of the year. There is just something about the cool, crisp, gloomy weather that brings back so many childhood memories. Fashion is also a big part of fall. There is nothing better than the cozy, warm color fabrics that we cuddle up in during fall. So let's jump right in and take a look at what will be trending this fall,

Velvet and Velour

Get this beautiful dress here!

Last fall we saw a lot of velvet and velour items and the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. These fabrics will be seen in the form of dresses and body suits mostly. Just be careful when choosing to wear this fabric because it can tend to emphasize all of the lumps and bumps that you may not be so comfortable with showing. This fabric looks best on curvy but toned bodies.

Roses Are Red

Get this beautiful dress here!

Embroidered roses were a big hit on the runways this summer! The trend is passing go right into fall! There is nothing more beautiful than red roses perfectly stitched on black fabric but this fall you will see them solid and striped fabrics in multiple colors.

The Floral Trend

Get this floral dress here!

Okay so if you know a even the tiniest bit about fashion then you know that floral prints have been all the rage for the past season. The look is going right into fall and I have a feeling it will stick around through the year 2018. Although floral prints have been trending it does not mean they are a fad. The pattern is classic, romantic and feminine. When you buy a floral print dress or top you are actually investing in your wardrobe.

Boho Chic Fringe

Get this fabulous too here!

Fringe is going to be huge this fall! Fringe is a style that seems to always make its way back on the runways! This fall you will see Fringe on everything from tops, dresses, pants and handbags! Fringe style items add a certain rustic and boho chic feel to your wardrobe. The beautiful top pictures above comes and multiple colors on our website at www.AmyRey.com It goes great with leggings and palazzo pants!

Off The Shoulder

Get this fabulous dress here!

Last but not least, shoulders! Let's face it, the cool crisp weather is not going to keep those shoulders at bay. This fall you will see this trend slip right in from summer. We think the trend has been so hot because it's sexy, sweet and feminine. The off the shoulder style paired along with the trendy floral print on the above dress makes it ones of our favorite picks for this fall at Amy Rey!
So there you have it, the trends for Fall 2017. What do you think about these trends? Let us know in the comments below. Have you started your fall wardrobe shopping yet? If so let's us know what you have purchased for fall in the comments below. Get a jump on your fall shopping at Amy Rey!
Amy Rey


Rock Band Rocker Tops are All The Rage Now!

The distressed grungy style is really coming in style right now and it is passing GO and not stopping! We noticed a huge spike in sales of our Lynyrd Skynyrd shirts found here lately but we just thought the fans of the Rock band were loyal. Now we have realized that the Rock Band Grunge Style is where it’s at right now. 

Most popular are the Tops with deep plung necklines and tattoo prints on them. The more ripped and grungy the better! You don’t have to be a Rock fan to sport the look. It’s being seen on Urban trendsetters. It is quickly becoming the look for rappers. Not only females are sporting the look but males are also.

The above Dress is a popular look that can be found here for under $20 in sizes S-XL. Pair it up with fish net stockings and thigh high boots for a trendy look! Wearing boots in the spring and summer have always been a pet peeve of mine but this fashion rule quickly went away this spring and no longer applies thanks to these great Rocker tops and dresses! 

Most popular in these styles seem to be the following item that can be found here, thanks to the deep v-neck bust on these dresses. 

Amy Rey will be getting a large assortment of Plus Size Rocker Tops and dresses in the next few days. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to see our new arrivals. Also sign up for our newsletter at Amy Rey to get valuable coupon codes and promotions,

So what do you think guys? Are you digging the whole Rocker look? Post your photos in the comments of you sporting the look and comment below about what you think!

Stay Beautiful,



Look Of The Day

The River Rose Bodycon Dress is our pick for Look Of The Day. Let me tell you why…..

First this Dress found here, features a sexy open deep plunged neckline. Perfect for a night out on the town. It gives you the perfect amount of sexy but it still has class!

This dress is a Bodycon style. Who doesn’t love a great Bodycon to accentuate the curves! Slip on a great Waist trainer found here, underneath this dress for a more sleek appealing look. 

The rare below the knee style is something a little different than what we have been seeing. Almost every dress now is above the knee. The below the knee style dresses are slowly making a comeback. We love the old hollywood glam feel the below the knee style giving us!

Last but not least is the embroidered red roses against the black fabric. The red just really pops against the black color. Also florals are the biggest trend right now but this dress gives us a little pop of a bold color floral without being overbearing. 

This look of the day should be added to your summer must have list! It’s available in plus sizes 14-22 and is only $31.99 right now with free shipping! What a steal! If you want to rock this look of the day you can find this dress here.

Stay Beautiful,

Amy Rey


The Pom Pom Fringe!


The Pom Pom Fringe caught me off guard!

Imagine my surprise when I was getting ready to place an order for our Spring/ Summer Collection when I see Pom poms everywhere. I must admit I did see the floral trend coming before the Spring hit but the Pom Pom fringe caught me off guard. Not only were these little colorful balls hanging from the sleeves of tops and dresses but they were adorning shoes as well. At first I thought it was a little kiddish but after reviewing several pieces I realized that the trend was not kiddish. Instead it was fun and playful! Face it , we all need a little fun in our lives! So we placed our order and we have Pom poms and fringes in stock now! Have you noticed the Pom Pom fringe trend yet? If not stay tuned! Below we have our newest arrivals of the fun style for you to view. Head on over to http://www.AmyRey.com today to get yours!


Stay Beutiful!



Corset Belts are Back Baby!

All Things Go And Come Again

I am seriously tempted to stop donating all of my items once the fashion trends are over! The old saying is becoming more relevant, that all things go and come again. We recently did a blog on Rompers and how the 80’s fad came back in a big way. Now here we are with the focus on corset belts. I have been noticing a slight trend of corset tops making their way into the fashion world but the trend of corset belts are taking over. If you haven’t noticed this accessory being worn just wait for it. You will! 

Not for just the skinny girls!

Highlighting the waist is usually a no no with curvy girls but today curvy girls are more confident with our bodies and we are embracing our curves! We don’t let our curves stop us from wearing the lastest trends. In actuality the corset belt draws in the waist making for a more hourglass shape. 

It May Be Gone In The Fall

I have a feeling this trend will be around for a limited time. Maybe it will be gone by fall but for now let’s show off our waist! When you are finished be sure to throw it in the back of your closet so you can pull it out again when the trend recirculates in 10 years!

Hug and Kisses,


Shop With Us!


Floral Prints for Spring 2017!

This trendy print is being seen in all sorts of styles this Spring from tops, Dresses and rompers. One reason that I personally love floral prints for myself and for my customers is because the floral patterns tend to hide any lumps and bumps which is perfect for the curvy girl. You may remember that in one of my previous blogs about Rompers I recommended the floral print ones for curvy girls because of that reason. Also stains don’t show up as well on a floral print which can really give you years of use out of an article of clothing.


Purchase the above romper dress here!

Stripes were the thing in the Spring of 2015. Aztec prints were the rage in Spring 2016. So what is this trend for this Spring? Florals! Long gone are the ugly floral prints that our grandmothers wore. Bold floral patterns with large spacing in between is what will be seen all Spring. The prints that are bring produced are truly beautiful and turn your outfit into a walking piece of art! Why are florals making a comeback in a big way? The answer is simple. Fashion is at the top of its game right now. Simple styles are popular and the floral prints add some color to even the simplest cut top. Also florals tend to have a feminine sweetness to them and not to mention they are romantic!

Love and Blessings,


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