Why Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine for Kids Under 5 Means So Much To Parents.

For the last two years we have fallen into several groups. You have groups that have thought Covid 19 was a hoax, groups that believed the experts and that is was real, and also groups that believed that Covid was part of a conspiracy theory.

Within those groups you have one of two types of people. People that made no drastic changes within their life and just kept living life as though we were not in a pandemic. Then you have people like myself that have done everything in their power to avoid this plague.

We are tired! Tired of doing all things to protect our children, only to still see others in stores with no mask, spread false information on the vaccines and to still read misinformation on the internet after two long agonizing years of death after death is heartbreaking. i find it mostly heartbreaking that so many Americans are that selfish.

For two years those of us that are high risk or have family members that are high risk have stayed home as much as possible, ordered takeout, worn a mask consistently and avoided large gatherings. Once the vaccine was available we felt a form of relief. Now we can live life again! Wrong! Parents with small children quickly learned that although they were protected against serious illness from Covid, their children were not. Realizing that they could still catch Covid and pass it to their unvaccinated child was a real punch in the gut for many. Although children seem to make it through covid infections better than adults, pediatric cases were rising along with serious illness.

So yes, the news of Pfizer requesting that children under five to be authorized to receive the vaccine is a real hope of glimmer for parents. After all, if babies can soon be vaccinated this will put the whole family at low risk of serious illness from Covid and although its not ideal, it is something that most families can accept. This gives us hope of a more normal life where we can travel, host dinners in our homes and visit family and friends. It is truly the start of a new normal for families with very young children. Im holding onto my glimmer of hope with baited breath as we wait for FDA approval.